About authors

Scribbler, sometimes writing under the penname Scribblesinink, has been writing fanfic since 1999. During those years, she produced over 260 works of fanfic in more than twenty fandoms, as well as a handful of original stories and essays. She totally blames Skeet Ulrich for The Magic of Ordinary Days being added to her long list of shiny new fandoms. Though her muses are fickle creatures, they can be lured with chocolate and seem to take “can’t be done” as a personal challenge….

Tanaqui (who is a good lemming) was lured over the cliff into this fandom by the evil Scribbler, who has now successfully managed this four times. Though, like Scribbler, she mostly blames Skeet Ulrich for The Magic of Ordinary Days appealing to her muses. (Also the plot holes that demand to be filled.)  Tanaqui has been writing fanfic for around seven years; her other stories are set in the Jericho, Tolkien, Stargate: Atlantis, Supernatural and Kill Point fandoms. She has a particular addiction to writing drabbles, so it’s not surprising her first story in this fandom was a drabble series.